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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Do you have a purple aurha? Did I spell that right. This is a sketch, costume, styling design for a shoot yet to happen about indigo children.
Influences of Buffallo, Goude and the Massai.
I just really like this image.


Every so often I will post music videos that I love, usually because of the styling, the track, videos that influenced me, that I wish I was involved in and that take me back to early memories which then become apparent that these were things that shaped my life, style and work. Heres a few to get started........I love love love this video, this is the video that really made me first want to get into music video styling, it was so appealling, models moving to music, the humour, the style, the grade.....amazing! Styled by Fee Doran who I then went and worked for for two years as a youngster, I then went on to style a video for Zoowoman, but with only one model it's not a touch on this.My final collection at college was named after this track

Undeniably I am an 80's kid, born in 81 it is that decade that is most relevant to me and seems to seep out into alot of my work, watch this video and need I say more....... a master piece!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008



I recently customised these Nikes for one of the Batty Bitches.....MC CHICKABOO! They were such a success that they are now on offer at the BB Website www.battybass.com
You send in your trainers and I'll customise/decorate/pimp/rock your feet boxes to your personal taste in the Batty Bass style!


Next Bastard Batty Bass is the BIRTHDAY PARTY, bright green cocktails, hailed as 'the bastartd' on offer to make you crazy!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

This is the image I created for my Home Page, you'll see it all flashed up on the site........ I LOVE IT.......if you want your self immortalised in collarge, get in touch. x


Hey Hey,

Here is the single cover art work for one of the first singles to be relaeased for downlaod from the Batty Bass web site.... www.battybass.com
Featuring vocals from the ferocious Batty Bitch MAMA!
And glorious sounds from Hannah the Holland too of course.
So heres my art for it! Enjoy