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Friday, 5 June 2009


This is an unfinished section of a new piece of work, originally titled 'David Loves David' but is now called 'Original Sin', up now at Dalston Super Store.
This piece was up at the last exhibition at Dalston SS and is titled 'The Hand Maids Tale', and is a dark view of the future, where man kind has done so damage to them selves and the earth that the human reprodructive system is failing to produce enough eggs and sperm for procreation. Therefore a huge market has emerged for homosexual sperm and eggs, to give heterosexual partners the opportunity to conceive. Would you 'Pay For Gay?'
Title: Urban Jungle

Mural for Dalston Super Store, a kind of retro, electro, drippy spectrum thing.


Richard Kilroy said...

i am in love with the top illustration so much, your work is so inspiring

Manuel Alejandro said...

me gusta mas el nombre DAVID LOVES DAVID, el cara de TIGRE esta increible deberias pensar en hacer playeras seria algo que yo compraria, el muro quedo muy bien en el lugar