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Monday, 23 November 2009


A new print created for the Cultural History team who curate amazing exhibitions that I have been lucky enough to exhibit my art work for Batty Bass, at Selfridge's and in Shang Hai.
They have organised a cultural advent art work extravaganza calender that the artists have created new limited edition prints for.
My calender day is 'OLD SCHOOL, NEW SCHOOL, on the 6th of December - check out the text below.
Bah! Humbug!
Our History and Austin Gallery
119 Bethnal Green
E2 7DG
In addition to the ongoing December BAG! HUMBUG! exhibition and emporium, there has been a calendar of unique and exciting events organised to run with the exhibition.
Each event has been specifically themed to best suit each artists work, and help create an exciting viewing experience for enthusiasts. These specified events will encourage and maximise sales within the emporium.
The first of these events is "OLD SCHOOL NEW SCHOOL", to be run on Sunday 6th December. 
Old school graphics from 1988 onwards will be shown alongside the newest London based up and coming graphic designers. 

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