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Thursday, 4 March 2010


Feathered horns for La Ga Ga, created for the Monsters Ball tour and also for restaurant visit, I dont know how they must have fit in the car? Thanks to the lovely Simon for his assistance on these.

This is the Sacred Heart Gold Chimera outfit I created for the tour, she wears it in the Monster section and erupts out of a Charlie Lemindu hair chandelier.
The hood is gold chainmail, dripping down to a crystal and bead scared heart, bleeding down to a hairy crutch, the sleeves are made from feathers and layers and layers of hair.
Thanks to the lovely Cordelia for her assisatnce!


Nedda Ebo said...

Love this so much, especially the second one with the gold chain-mail and hair, Gaga has great taste. You did a fabulous job! x

Lori said...

lol i guess she rode a convertible.
but this is just mindblowing. Especially the last one, I dont even know where to begin... its just... WWWOOOOWWW.

Lauren Goddard said...

You amaze me.

x x x

trixie said...

seriously, that gold outfit is my FAVOURITE out of the whole monster ball outfits. if i could i would beg gaga to give it to me. i think about it a lot.