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Thursday, 17 March 2011

'SOFT DEATH' debut presentation for LONDON FASHION WEEK A/W 11

My debut collection was shown as a live presentation for LFW this season. It was a huge success and I cant wait for next season!
Here are lots of pics.......
The beautiful surrounding installation was created by very good friend and very talented designer Anna Bruder, a twisted mass of rubber tubing, symbolizing a giant intestine, crawling around the room and working its way around an eight foor steel rail.
Shoes created by Claire Davis
The very talented Anna Trevelyan who is my stylist and consultant on all things fashion
A film that catches the eerie mood of the day and collection, made by super talented Cathal O'Brien 

A huge thank you to Ella Dror and Ashley Smith, my life saving agents at the ONLY agency that counts ELLA DROR PR 


We Like This Too said...

Beautiful Alex

Madame G said...

absolutely stunning! I'm struggling to pic a favourite. WOuld you mind if I steal some photos for a blog post?


ALEX NOBLE said...

not at all madame G

Dean Stephen Davies said...

Beautiful, Congrats!

Shannon K said...

Very inspiring! This gives me motivation to work on my collection. You are incredibly talented, I wish you much success!

Matan said...

I really like it :)

Charlie said...

pretty sinister title but there is some absolutely beautiful stuff here! great post :)

trixie said...

seriously fuckin beautiful!