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Monday, 20 September 2010


My final show as curator for the Dalston Superstore was a huge success, I am so happy with the standard and diversity of work and the effort the artists put in. The pieces really show the identity of the artists and this subconscious portrayal of them selves is what makes the work so interesting. The opening night was completely packed and turned into a great party. Hopefully the show will travel as every one is so impressed.
Its up until the end of the month so if you haven't seen it the check it out, scroll down my blog for links to the artists personal sites and blogs. Here is a selection of the work and I'll post the rest when I get a chance to take the pictures.
These images are courtesy of Amy Gwatkin
                                                                 Artist: Fred Butler
                                                                Artist: Moses Powers
                                                                     Artist: Celia Arias
                                                                Artist: Emma Gibson
                                                                Artist: Alex Noble - ME!
                                                               Artist: Cordelia Weston
                                                             Artist: Clare Whittingham
                                                        Artist: Jay Barry Matthews
                                                                 Artist: Luke Embden
                                                                   Artist: Anna Bruder
                                                                   Artist: Louise Riley
                               Left to right, Artists: Moses Powers + Justine Josephes, Moses Powers
                                                                      Me with my legs.

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